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About Us


Salam Sejahtera,

I want to welcome and thank you for choosing my skincare which is in your hand right now. My name is Narqes Raimi, and I am the founder of Narqes Medispa & Narqes Skintelligent here in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. I am a pharmacist by education and have been in the beauty and health industry for over 15 years.

My whole life, I was always fascinated with beautiful bright and healthy skin and have always desired and dreamed of attaining and help people attain glowing gorgeous skin like the famed movie stars, models, beauty contest winners and naturally beautiful people.

For this desire, through experience, I have worked and researched extensively to get the best combination of ingredients with the perfect formulation that builds and maintain beautiful skin that feels bright, light and silky smooth as to evoke envy amongst others.

Narqes Skintelligent is just not a cosmetic company but part of a larger holistic approach to skin care that makes us unique and different from other hundreds of products in the world market. Our many clients, in addition to using our products, also partners with our Narqes Medispa around the world where we employ many trained and highly skilled doctors and therapists to always keep your skin youthful, bright and beautiful.

I hope you will enjoy and feel the beauty that evokes inside each of you after using our high quality products InshaAllah. With love and best wishes from my heart, may the beauty be with you.

Narqes Raimi

Founder of Narqes Medispa & Narqes Skintelligent

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